Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Big News!!

Yes, it’s actually happening! We are having a baby! Hard to believe this is real, but it is… Carsyn has waited for this moment for a loooooong time. All he has ever wanted is a baby brother or sister and his wish has finally come true!

This is what I had on the bathroom counter when Jeff got home from work. He was so excited.

He is so thrilled about being a big brother he can hardly stand it! He is always so concerned about the baby and my belly and thinks he can already hear it and feel it. (Watch the video, it’s classicJ) He was sitting on my lap at church and was worried he was squishing the baby…haha he has no idea what is about to come!

He cracks me up in this… haha (and please ignore my homeless look, I just got outta the shower!)

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Year in Review

What a crazy year this has been! We have a lot to look back on and even more to look forward to :-) Lots of trials and blessings, 2010 will definitely be one we will remember.

On January 2nd Jeff got down on one knee and asked if I'd spend eternity with him as his wife. A day/moment I'll never forget. Also a moment I waited a LONG time for! ;-) And so the wedding planning begins!

February 1st was the start of our long time trial... Jeff got the dreaded call from his company that he was being laid off. He had worked for a real estate seminar company based out of Orem that traveled all over the US. He did all their audio visual work for them. He did this for 5 years and really enjoyed it. I actually got the chance to travel with him a few times.

Jeff turned the big 3-0 on February 19th so I had a big surprise party for him the weekend before his birthday. For once I was able to keep a secret from him that he didn't figure out ahead of time! haha Then on the weekend of his birthday I went with him to NYC. That was his last weekend of work so he used some frequent flyer miles and got me a ticket to tag along :-) He was able to work his magic and pull the "it's my 30th birthday this weekend and my fiance and I are spending it in NYC. Could you bump her to 1st class with me? :-)" It worked! That was my first and most likely my last time sitting in 1st class. But let me tell ya, taking the red eye from SLC to NYC, that's the way to fly! We had sooo much fun!! The year before that I surprised him on his birthday while he was working in Chicago. What a blast!

March was full of more wedding planning and my bridal shower.

And then comes the big wedding month of April! Our day finally arrived! On April 10th Jeff and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Provo, Utah Temple. Our wedding was absolutely beautiful and everything turned out perfectly. We are so grateful for everyone that made it and for everyone's help to make our day special. Jeff and I had an amazing honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! His dad and step mom gave us one of their time shares so we chose Mexico for a week of relaxing at the Bonito Rose Resort. We had a great time. And thanks to my mom for staying in Utah to watch Carsyn so we could have a worry free honeymoon!

May was pretty jam packed with finding renters for our house and moving to Wyoming. We lucked out and found great renters who take good care of it and plan on staying for awhile. My parents went down to Utah with a trailer and helped us move our stuff to Wyoming. What would life be without loving and generous family? We lived at my sister's house for a few months and then moved in with my parents and have been there since the end of July.

In June Jeff and I had our annual California trip with our friends to Huntington Beach. We rent a beach house for a week and have so much fun playing on the beach.

This year I fulfilled my life long dream of being a Can Can Dancer for Lovell's Days. I know I know, I need better dreams. haha I had a lot of fun doing it though.

July was full of reunions and another wedding. My baby brother married Abby on July 2nd in the Salt Lake Temple. What a beautiful wedding! We made a Tippetts reunion out of it and had a lot of fun getting together as siblings because it doesn't happen very often! We were sad that Trevor and Emily couldn't be there with us.

We also were able to attend the Greenburg family reunion in July in Midway, Utah. (Jeff's mom's family) We stayed at a beautiful resort for a few nights and reunited with a lot of family. We did a lot of swimming and went to Lagoon. The kids had a blast getting to know each other and messing around.

Carsyn turned 6 on July 29th and we had a bowling party for his birthday. My baby boy is growin up!

August was full of end of summer activities, soccer, and camping. I introduced Jeff to "real" camping this summer and he fell in love with the Big Horn Mountains. We camped as much as possible and loved every minute of it. Carsyn had fun playing t-ball and soccer this summer. Jeff and Kevin coached their t-ball team so that made it even more fun.

Over Labor Day weekend in September we took a road trip out to Nebraska to visit Jeff's family. Carsyn loves playing with his Samson cousins, there are plenty of them! :-) It's always fun to see where Jeff grew up and show me around his "stomping grounds" Carsyn also started school in September. We decided because of his age, to put him in Kindergarten again. He loves his teacher and his school, and especially riding the bus! He's doing awesome in school.

For the months of September, October, and November Jeff was working for an asphalt company in Utah. Carsyn and I stayed in Wyoming. It was extremely hard being apart and made us treasure the days we have together. We made a couple trips back and forth, but it was never long enough! In October Me, my mom, Tara, and a couple of our kids went down to Utah to the BYU/UNLV game in Provo. My little brother Matt plays in the BYU marching band and a cousin of mine plays football for UNLV. It was a really fun weekend and we were some serious proud fans!

November was pretty mellow, until a house full of company for Thanksgiving. It was really fun to have some of my mom's family be with us.

December has been crazy busy as always. Filled with school Christmas concerts and niece's dance recital, Christmas parties and shopping. Even though I may complain about the busyness, I secretly like it ;-) This Christmas and New Year's is being spent in Omaha with Jeff's family. We've had a relaxing time and fun hanging out with family.

This year has been full of excitement, trials, tears, joy, happiness, prayers, and love. We have so much to be grateful for. And we are definitely looking forward to a new year. Here's to 2011!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What a fun weekend! My cousin Calvin plays football for UNLV and this is his senior year so we for sure wanted to watch him play this season. They played at BYU last weekend and he was able to get us some SWEET tickets right down front. My little brother plays on the BYU marching band this year so we wanted to be able to watch him too. They both did an awesome job and we are so proud to have so much talent in this family! It worked out perfectly! The weather was amazing and it was so nice to get together with family. His mom and little sister flew in from Ohio to be there and it was great to see them.

He’s the middle base drum. J

When we first got there and went to get our tickets, because we were sitting in the UNLV section, they gave us special treatment as “guests” and took us on a tour of the box seats. It was so cool! It was a first and probably last for all of us and it was way fun to see the view from up there.

Our family rocks!

My cousin is super cool and very well known and a huge asset to the team so they always interview him. We are so proud, Calvin! J

Calvin’s mom Tina made us all shirts to wear to the game to show our spirit. We wore them proudly. Go #38!

We love you, Cal!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was great this year. Carsyn loved dressing up as a Nebraska football player. It was fitting because thats what he wants to be when he grows up! Jeff was able to come home and visit for the weekend and we had a lot of fun.

This is Carsyn posing for grandma when he first tried on the outfit haha There are about 6 pictures of him doing different poses, I dont know where he gets it! ;)

The girls looked so cute in their costumes and they all had fun trunk or treating

Go Big Red! (This was the only way I could get Jeff to participate in the dressing up part, is if he got to wear his Nebraska gear. What a trooper! Haha)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craft Fair!

This past weekend was the annual Craft Fair in Lovell. This was our first time being in a craft fair and I have to admit I would do it again! (After my hands heal from all the crocheting J) I crocheted hats and head bands of all sizes and made some BYU and UW magnets, Tara made hair bows and frames, my sister-in-law Emily sent some rings and necklaces that she made, and my Grandma Bair made some of her famous fudge. We had a successful and fun weekend! Here are some pictures of a few of the things I made and how cute our table was displayed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st Day of Kindygarten!

My baby boy started Kindergarten! (again) He did a Kindergarten program in his daycare last year and did really well. He was top of his class and his teachers were constantly praising him. But because of his age we decided to put him in Kindergarten again. We felt that he would do so much better being the oldest instead of the youngest.

He was soooo excited for his first day he could hardly sleep! He couldn't wait to get on the bus and even pulled the "Mom you already kissed and hugged me goodbye" trick and tried to push me away! Waaaahhhh!!! :-( He's too young for that still! haha But don't worry, he's still a Momma's boy :-) It was SO hard watching this tiny little person climbing onto the bus like it's no big deal. I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to find his way once he got there, and wondered who would open his pudding during lunch....but he came home and told me all about his day and how much fun he had and couldn't wait to go back the next day! Phew! Mommy can be rest assured every day now... ;-)

We're so proud of Carsyn and what a big, brave boy he is and I know he can conquer anything, even Kindergarten. Now if only he could just stay in Kindergarten forever...hehe :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Love Camping!

We were very fortunate to find a few weekends to go camping this summer. One of the requirements when I was husband hunting is that he must love to go camping! Luckily, Jeff loves it as much as I do J My Dad brought his horses and 4 wheelers up and we had a great time.

We went on an awesome hike down to Paradise Valley and had lunch and took some pictures.

(I don’t know where my son gets his posing from….. haha)

As we were hiking back to the trucks, we noticed some dark clouds heading our way… We made it back just in time before the down pour!

Carsyn lost a battle with a tree branch… He was riding the horse and turned around to look at something and as he turned back around there was a tree branch attacking his neck. Poor guy!

Even with the injuries, bugs, and rain, we still had a great weekend and look forward to going again before school starts!